On Monday 23rd March 2020, just hours before lockdown was announced in England, I was given a brief that would push me and encourage me to do something I haven't touched on before with just one requirement; it has to be related to Coronavirus.

After endless ideas and concepts, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create something that would benefit all of us in this situation. I have to admit, this was a tough challenge as everyone was new to this virus. Initially, my idea was to create a game where people had to collect COVID-19 items via finding them in the streets as they go on their daily walk. However, as the circumstances were unprecedented I felt as though I couldn't just keep it to a specific audience, those who are able to exercise and can go outside. This is where weeks of development and further research took place, as well as going forward and backwards with various concepts. After researching into fitness apps, I saw that they record activities based on distance rather than anything else. During this time, I was approached with the question "how can you bring this idea inside?" and I couldn't let a challenge like that pass me. 

Finally I came to the idea of Cofit-19, a game based fitness app encouraging those in isolation to keep fit by burning calories & collecting COVID-19 themed items. It records your workout by how many calories you have burned, either via a fitness watch or entering the data manually. By doing this, it encourages everyone from all paths and abilities to use Cofit-19, it doesn't matter if you prefer yoga over running as long as you hit the target calories!

In terms of the design, I decided that I wanted to go above the typical (and basic) fitness app style as well as keeping it simple. Therefore I used a single typeface family in order to keep it consistent. I hadn't designed characters before in this way so I decided to go with simple shapes, colours and lines. Upon doing research, I saw that designers were using this 3D style and movements in apps. I love it and thought id try my best to use it. The shadows and shaped used give off a 3D element, adding more to the design. I used a small range of colours throughout the app, 3 colours in the logo and 6 colours for the different characters, this ensures that there is visual organisation. I wanted to include movement in the design as this isn't seen much within general apps, this is through the liquid effect transitions in the menu and the loading design. Above is a video that I made myself, showing the navigation through the app. This was also the first time I have ever used After Effects and unfortunately, I couldn't animate how the liquid effect would work. My main aim was to keep the professional design and also make it look like an inviting game, covering all grounds as my audience was so big and I didn't want to leave anyone out, therefore I created a well rounded look. An inclusive and beneficial app, professional design with playful aspects. 


This brief was an incredible challenge and was actually really fun. I am so pleased to present to you, Cofit-19. 


Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think, I would love to know your thoughts!


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